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Coffee roaster ?

in search of exceptional green beans

Limited-edition micro-lots with a story - We import the green coffee directly, so that you can process it in your own way and add your own brand. Our coffee comes from the best farms in Colombia.

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Office / retail ?

Wishing to offer an all-inclusive quality coffee solution

Reinvigorate the coffee break and contact us so that we can build a tailor-made solution to suit your needs - coffee and/or machines and/or after-sales service. Would you like to add our products and training courses to your supplier catalog for your Works Council? We can also offer special prices for your collaborators.

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Delicatessens, coffeeshops, CHR

wishing to offer our products

Offer a range of unique coffees in line with your values.
Need specific support? We can help you with your project, from equipment to training.

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Looking for a place to learn about the coffee business?

We also offer a whole range of introductory and advanced training courses to help you discover or perfect different techniques in various fields:

  • Soft extractions (V60 type, chemex, piston, filter, etc...)
  • Espresso extraction (percolator)
  • Extraction in automatic machines: learn how to adjust your machine according to the type of coffee
  • Roasting principles
  • Discovery of specialty coffee (origin, specificities, importation, roasting, etc...)" .

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