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Coffee sourcing / Master roaster / HSE-RSE expert / Communication / E-commerce

Charlotte, originally from Guadeloupe, began her career in biology and environmental toxicology. After 15 years as a researcher and then a corporate environment executive, she decided to embark on the CUSUAKA adventure:

"I've always been a fan of coffee, so when the idea came to us to create CUSUAKA, I thought my particular skills could help us to undertake responsible and sustainable business".

Charlotte specializes in :

- the evaluation of specialty coffees according to strict international standards - a method known as Q-grading,

- roasting - she has become a Master Roaster and personally roasts our finest vintages,

- the assessment of our environmental and CSR impact, as well as the company's responsible and sustainable communication.

"I'm convinced that the sustainability of the coffee industry depends on 'better consumption': choosing responsible coffee where people, the product and the earth are treated with respect. In order not to exclude small, non-labeled producers, I rely on my scientific expertise to evaluate their growing methods".



Coffee sourcing /GESTION / International trade / Business development

Julian, of Colombian origin and the grandson of a farmer, has been immersed in the world of coffee growing since he was a child: "I loved walking barefoot over the coffee drying in the sun". So it was only natural that in 2019 he should co-found Cusuaka. Passionate about his new profession and to meet the needs of his customers, Julian specializes in :

- coffee sourcing: he relies on an extensive network to unearth rare nuggets and "Q-grade" them according to international standards,

- direct importation, with no intermediaries, enabling us to forge privileged relationships with each of our coffee growers,

- extraction methods (espresso, slowcoffee, etc.), so that we can advise our customers on the best way to extract each of our coffees

- the creation of tailor-made solutions for professionals, as well as preventive and curative maintenance - shops, offices, hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, coffeeshops, roasters - a skill acquired during his 8 years' experience as Operations Manager for a multinational.

"I'm fascinated by this very precise and intriguing world of specialty coffee, which every day brings its share of discoveries and surprises".


Master's degree

Business development manager

Antony has been interested in the world of specialty coffee since 2020. He joined CUSUAKA as a graduate in 2021 and is now a work-study Business Development Manager.

At Cusuaka, he not only manages relationships with corporate customers, but also anticipates the needs of new customers by adapting the offer to their requirements.

"I started drinking coffee with capsules, then I discovered the potential of acidulous coffee flavors, especially with filter methods like the V60. This brings out the perfect balance of fruity or floral notes!"


Bachelor's degree

Point-of-sale management

Baptiste, who had trained as an accountant, decided to go into business studies. In September 2022, he joined the CUSUAKA team and co-managed the Coffeeshop/boutique.

Initially uninterested in the world of coffee, he discovered the world of specialty coffee. He discovered a great interest in this niche area and gradually became an outstanding Barista.

Coached by Julian, he even qualified for the Aeropress 2023 French Championship!


Why was Cusuaka born?

Convinced that the future of the coffee industry depends above all on respect for the product, the people who work it and the nature that provides it, Charlotte & Julian decided to create CUSUAKA, putting their respective skills at the service of the company's values.

Dedicated to importing exceptional coffee and specializing in offers for professionals, CUSUAKA's primary aim is to enhance the value of the specialty coffee sector.

Our boutique in Boulogne-Billancourt also offers training and tasting opportunities.

Why choose Cusuaka?

CUSUAKA, beyond its exceptional choice of coffees, is also a range of expertise and skills at the service of each and every one of our customers. Our key activities and values are :
- Specialty coffee sourcing: we draw on an extensive network of local coffee growers to unearth more and more rare nuggets that are rarely or never exported.
- Quality control: we are trained in all stages of the coffee chain - from green coffee assessment (Q-grading) to roasting (master roaster) and coffee extraction methods.
- Fully customized offers for each of our customers and their needs/constraints.
- An environmental and CSR approach fully integrated into our activities, naturally creating a virtuous circle from producer to end customer.

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